30 days to an exciting spring wardrobe course





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30 days to an exciting spring wardrobe!

This is a 30-day course to clear your way to a delightful spring wardrobe, one that flexes and works.

This course is not just about the clothes, makeup and style tips.  It’s also about the way your clothes make you feel.

Stephanie Bennett Vogt, MA was so right when she says that when it comes to clothes,it basically boils down to this:

Clothes that don’t fit, don’t feel good or make your heart sing are a form of stuck energy (aka clutter).

When you squirrel them away for that mythical day when you’ll love them again

or fit into them again or they come back into fashion, you perpetuate the stuck pattern.

So during this 30 day course you will receive 30 lessons one day at a time. Using this slow drip method will get you to

deep dive into your current spring wardrobe, tell you how to clear some things away, tell you what particular items to add,

compliment that with makeup ideas and get you to master your spring looks while clearing your closet space.

You will uncover the jade. style secrets and tips into pulling together all the essentials necessary for spring,

and Emily Barton’s essential makeup tips that will enhance your features for spring.

You will be left with a foundation for your spring closet that you can build on to create a more robust closet across all seasons.


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