meet christine vartanian, founder of jade.

christine is a personal stylist, in newport beach, california, who styles women with head to toe wardrobes. her styling philosophy and techniques are aimed to style her clients according to who they are and according to their individual personal style. she shows women how to express themselves through the art of dress up.

during the life of her company, she has styled a company executive for both a photo shoot in a local magazine and for the 2013 Grammy awards. while teaching her “building your basic wardrobe” class, christine developed an easy to use flowchart to assist her clients in building a year round wardrobe for every season. additionally, she currently serves on the FIDM museum council as a volunteer. christine was inspired to start jade. to enhance the lives of women who do it all, making them feel as beautiful and exceptional as they are.

before starting jade. for all seasons, christine nurtured her four children as a stay at home mom for the past eleven years. she understands the challenges that our culture presents to parents in search of modest, sophisticated, modern clothes for their maturing children. she is mindful of this when guiding the style of young women today. when choosing styles for young ladies she pays attention to keeping it appropriate while appealing to youth.

christine’s formal education was not in the creative arts, rather it is quite technical. she has a bachelor of science in civil engineering and is also a lawyer. however, her innate talents are in the creative realm, where her flare for style can be found in her everyday life. she styles all things, from her culinary creations, themed family gatherings to uniquely designed christmas cards.

in her free time, she enjoys enhancing her spiritual life through reading, reflecting and furthering her christian faith. she is inspired by and loves nature. she knits. additionally, she loves to power through tough workout routines and is currently studying kenpo karate with her children. she lives in newport beach, with her husband, john, her four children christopher, isabelle, giselle and nico. christine continues to let her business grow organically while navigating through the world of parenthood.